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cannabis seed bank

This company is best suited for people who won’t buy marijuana seeds online. Everyone can rest assured that this is a trust-worthy vendor, and they have high-quality seeds for you. Apart from this, they interact with their customers through a photo-cup competition. They ask the customers to click a photo of the photo their seeds are growing.

The cons of this company are:

If someone buys seeds from the company, they are given loyalty points and some free seeds. Apart from this, if someone buys seeds from their website using bitcoin, they will be given a 25% discount on their initial order. After that order, they will be assigned a 15% discount.

#3 Seedsman(EU)

The cons of this company are:

The Pros of this company are the following:

This company works outside the US. It is based in the Netherlands and has been operating since 1999. They have this unique feature on their website where they ask customers some questions like the kind of marijuana strain they are. Through these quizzes, their customers get a lot of help in knowing information about different types of strain. In addition to this, their customers are also familiarized with each see’s growth conditions and how the seed will appear after they are germinated. Hence, people know which seed best suits them with regards to the environment they are residing in.

Bulk orders which cross $300 are given free shipping. However, smaller orders are sent at a regular shipping cost of $10. The delivery takes almost 7-14 days. Some people want their seeds to get delivered early, so for them, the company offers express shipping, which costs $30.

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Disclaimer: Know your countries laws and regulations before purchasing cannabis seeds online. Many seed banks sell cannabis seeds as collectibles, souvenirs, or for scientific study purposes. Germination of seeds in conflict with your federal and local laws is strictly prohibited. We do not advocate breaking any laws.

The BEST cannabis seed banks

What will my bank statement show?

If wholesale bulk cannabis seeds are what you’re looking for, Tiger-One Distribution is likely the best seed bank for you. Whether you’re looking to start your own seed bank or obtain a large supply for production, Tiger-One Distribution sells affordable white label and brand name cannabis seeds sold by numerous retail shops and online seed banks. Worldwide stealth shipping. In order to buy from the Tiger-One website, you need to apply for a wholesale account where you’ll be asked to fill in the details about your business reselling or agricultural use.

The WORST cannabis seed banks

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MSNL, dubbed the best marijuana seed bank since ’99, sells their own versions of over 200 popular cannabis strains. Find feminized, regular, and autoflower seeds for sale at fair prices with frequent discounts. Every purchase gets a minimum of 5 free seeds, up to 10 free seeds per order. Worldwide stealth delivery. The seeds arrive discreetly packaged to U.S. addresses in about 6–12 days. Accepted payment methods include credit/debit card, bank transfer, cash, international money order, or Bitcoin for 15% off. MSNL has a wealth of positive reviews from satisfied customers. Free shipping on all orders over £55 ($75).

ILGM, or I Love Growing Marijuana, is a newbie’s favorite – and frankly, with seasonal discounts like Buy 10 and Get 10 Free Seeds, they’re a favorite shop for newcomers who are starting their first growing project.

Experienced growers like it too, for its perks of free shipping to US states, guaranteed delivery, and guaranteed germination.

1. ILGM – All-Round Best Seed Bank That Ships to USA

But Rocket Seeds has a reputation for quality and has an impressive catalog of 500 new strains to choose from. Rocket Seeds also promises fast shipping, stealth shipping and works with a variety of other growers to get those hard-to-find cannabis seeds.

Remember that some seed banks are diligent in researching your location, but others are not and will not be responsible for any legal ramifications.

Attitude Seed advertises itself as the largest online cannabis store, and it is a nice play to mix and match seeds, buy popular brands, and get some handy deals like “UFO discounts,” meaning you get loads of free cannabis seeds if you spend a moderate amount of change.