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cannabis seed bank south africa

This seed bank offers only the highest quality seeds to its customers. They select carefully and say no to genes of unknown origin. They work with the motto of doing the best and do their best to build a stronger South African cannabis community.

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#3 (South African Seed Bank) Biltong And Budz – Offer both local and premium international genetics at competitive prices

In addition, Feed a Seed cooperates with Canuk – a leading seed bank and breeder in Europe and the world. This combination produces the best quality, unique and most delicious cannabis strains for the cannabis community.

Crop King Seeds is not an unfamiliar name to the global cannabis community. They are a popular and reputable seed bank, and they are also very active in updating new and stable strains of cannabis to their seed list.

The seed bank also doesn’t hesitate to share its knowledge with its customers. You can ask them anything about marijuana and your order, the staff are always ready to advise you.

South Africa is a regional center for cannabis production, and it is a leading export in 2021.

There’s no denying it — South Africa is one of the most incredible climates to grow cannabis seeds.

In a Nutshell — The Legality of Buying Marijuana Seeds in South Africa

Sellers of cannabis seeds in South Africa must be aware that police are focusing as much on curtailing selling it as they are in its cultivation. Selling weed seeds remains illegal in South Africa in 2021, regardless of whether you are a tourist or a resident.

Typically, cannabis is bought by the bag or “bankie” in South Africa, meaning the amount that will fit in a bank coin bag (although it doesn’t have to be sold in that bag). To avoid legal penalties for using, keep your use of cannabis confined to your room if you choose to purchase and use it there.

Now, let’s look at the two different seed bank options for South African residents who want to grow their own dagga.

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Feminised Seeds
Are you looking for amazing bud guaranteed every grow? Then you want feminised weed seeds.
With feminised seeds you cut the guesswork to get the most from your grow. No pollination from male plants and guaranteed flowers!

Completed orders earn Gröen Seeds Points. These points can be used to help pay for your next purchase.

We aim to supply stable genetics and a wide variety of strains, at the best possible prices – because we believe this is how it should be done! We take pride in our service, provide secure payment integrations and provide safe shipping (with tracking). We store our seed in the best possible conditions keeping seed fresh and viable. Hope you enjoy our online seed store!