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cannabis ruderalis seeds for sale

Because the three varieties originated in different places on earth, each with very different characteristics in terms of climate, day length and ecosystem, the three varieties also have very different characteristics in terms of growth and reproduction. The phenotype Cannabis Sativa L. originated in a tropical climate, the spread of the plant after the ice age led to the emergence of new plants that had adapted to the changing climate. In addition, agriculture, and the human factor also had a great influence on the genes of the Indica and Sativa plants, the wild Ruderalis has been influenced to a lesser extent by these conditions.

Not all botanists agree that the Ruderalis is an independent strain, although it is often referred to as a third type of cannabis. Originally the Ruderalis plant comes from Central Asia, Central Europe and Russia. The plant has adapted to the extreme conditions in those areas. Probably the Ruderalis originates from the Indica variety, which in turn originates from the Sativa variety.

The history of the Ruderalis

The Ruderalis has adapted to summers that are cooler and shorter, which has a positive impact on its life cycle. The period from new seed to the production of own seeds can take place in ten weeks. By the way, the normal period is twelve to fourteen weeks, but it can sometimes be shorter. The seeds are easier to release than other species, the seed can also endure several seasons in frozen soil. Only when the conditions are right will the Ruderalis start to grow. The seeds are even resistant to breaking open by humans or animals, in some breeds this is even the reason for seeds to germinate.

A Ruderalis plant is remarkably small, an adult plant has a length that varies between 30 cm and 80 cm. The plant does not have many branches, the leaves are about the same width as the Indica plant. After the start of the flowering period, the Ruderalis will not grow as strongly as the Indica variety. The Ruderalis distinguishes itself from the other two varieties by flowering based on age, not photoperiod. Normally the flowering of a plant will be caused by the seasonal changes, with the Ruderalis this is not the case. That is why we speak of a “self-flowering ability” in the Ruderalis. When this plant has developed into the fifth or seventh knot or leaf pair, it will flower. This normally takes about seven weeks. When the Cannabis Ruderalis starts flowering it will continue to do so until there are circumstances that cause the plant to die. This differs from the other plants that die after reproduction, or return to the vegetative growth phase during a long photoperiod.

The word “Ruderal” stands for plants that grow in places adapted by man or nature. Think of ruderal plants that grow on agricultural land that lies fallow, or plants along the side of the road. The name “Cannabis Ruderalis” is based on this term.

There are several reasons you can think of why you should grow the cannabis seeds of the Ruderalis Indica. This type has a number of elements that can convince the demanding grower of the fact that it is a good idea to buy the weed seeds of this indica developed by Sensi Seeds. For example, are you a person who prefers a type of cannabis with quite a high Cannabidiol content (CBD), but at the same time a not too excessive THC content? The cannabis seeds of the Ruderalis Indica grow into a plant that satisfies your every wish. Also when you would not describe the climate you live in as being really summery, the Ruderalis Indica is perfectly suitable. This plant just deserves paying a bit of attention to the indestructible qualities of this type of weed seeds.

Ruderalis Indica® cannabis seeds

The cannabis seeds of the Ruderalis Indica grow into a plant that satisfies your every wish. Also when you would not describe the climate you live in as being really summery, the Ruderalis Indica is perfectly suitable.

More info about this cannabis seed

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So, what is it that makes the characteristics of these cannabis seeds so spectacular? Especially their adaptability. It is therefore not surprising that the weed seeds of the Cannabis Ruderalis germinate in the wild in, for example, Eastern Europe and grow into sizeable plants; they are not bothered by the cold. Even when the seeds are exposed to temperatures below zero for a long period of time, you may still expect a beautiful harvest. The Ruderalis Indica has the same qualities, but with an indica touch. Obviously you, as a grower, will not deliberately throw your cannabis seeds into the freezer, but the robustness of the weed seeds mainly shows that there is practically nothing you can do wrong. A planter, a bit of nutrition and some potting soil are enough to have to the plants grow from germinating seedling into a full-blown plant within approximately 11 weeks. On top of that, the Ruderalis Indica by Sensi Seeds is for 50 percent Automatic (Autoflowering) which means that half of the plants go through a flowering cycle, independent of the amount of light to which the plant is exposed.

Incase any one is still looking for pure ruderalis hemp seeds I ordered some here:

for $5 and got a huge bag of seeds, like over 1000 lol. grew one out for fun and this is what I got. Absolutely no crystals or smell. But definitely a pure hemp auto flower. It was a pure female too, which surprised me. It didn’t even hermie like the the german hemp seeds I ordered from them, pretty much all those plants were useless males or herms. But if the polish ones have more true females than they would defiantly be a good start for producing a new auto flower strain with.

Casper Auto Genetics have some on DC Seed Exchange, but they are sold out and a limited edition.

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found these, but they are on backorder

just wondering who else in the US sells them?

cool, found them elsewhere. went ahead and ordered 2 ozs.

from another thread i found here. some pics in the quote