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canadian seed companies

A: Probably—but that depends on where you are. Check your local laws before ordering.

Obviously, autoflower strains start to flower right when they reach maturity. They are smaller plants overall, and they are far easier to grow, particularly outdoors. They also maximize available summer light naturally, so even after continuous light exposure, they will flower.

Many online cannabis seed banks can be disappointing or even fraudulent, so it is essential to start in the right place. The ones on this list are all high-quality, legit seed banks that ship to Canada.

What are the laws around growing cannabis in Canada?

Cannabis Seeds by Gender

Genetically superior, healthier, mature marijuana seeds have outer shells with darker, grayish colors. Cannabis seeds that are green or pale may germinate slowly, if at all, as they are still immature.

There are several types of cannabis seeds from a genetic perspective: Indica seeds, Sativa seeds, and Hybrid seeds. Any of these types may be auto-flowering seeds, which are also a bit different genetically.

Q: Is There a Difference Between Medical Cannabis and Recreational Cannabis?

Richters Herbs is a major Canadian provider of seeds for herbal plants, including gourmet culinary herbs, herbal tea plants, and unique medicinal plants. They offer seeds and baby plants for many specialty varieties and hard-to-find plants (mainly herbs but also some vegetables and ornamental flowers).

Semences du Portage is a Canadian seed company focused on offering naturally-grown and organic seeds. Semences du Portage is located in Montreal, Québec, where it is operated by a small staff.

McKenzie Seeds

Lindenberg Seeds is a small seed company known for its truly incredible catalogue of different seeds and for their live perennial plants available by mail order. The company has been in operation since 1935! Lindenberg Seeds is located in Brandon, Manitoba, and is operated by the Lindenberg family.

West Coast Seeds focuses on producing untreated and organically-grown seed. They offer an increasingly significant amount of certified organic seed, including organically-grown open-pollinated heirloom seed and also some organically-grown modern hybrid varieties.

William Dam Seeds is located just outside of Dundas, Ontario, and was started by William and Maria Dam more than 60 years ago. William Dam Seeds has signed the non-GMO Safe Seed Pledge.

Here’s a list of Garden Seed Catalogs and Web sites for Canada. If you’re seeking a list of U.S. garden seed suppliers, click here.

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Dundas, ON L9H 5E1
Online catalogue and free print catalogue.

www dot stokes dot com. To order the paper version, use the blue banner at the top of the page.US customers ensure the US flag is showing, likewise the Canadian flag for Canada. Sorry please change the word 'dot' to a period as it won't let me post the actual website. Regards Maxie

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