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canadian seed banks that ship to usa

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Regular seeds include both males and females, in about even numbers. This is the best choice if you want more seeds, or for cannabis breeders. But if you just want more blooming plants without the hassle, regular seeds might not be your best option.

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Q: Are there any seed banks in the United States?

In general, there is a 66 percent female to male growth ratio among regular marijuana seeds, so it is safe to assume you’ll grow about half and half, male and female plants with regular cannabis seeds.

Attitude Seed Bank is the largest hemp bank globally, and they also offer hundreds of cannabis seeds from other renowned breeders. You will also find other cannabis related goods like clothes, bags, etc on their website.

This seed bank also runs a lot of promotions and discounts as a warm-up to the cannabis community’s need to buy seeds. Attitude Seed Bank’s seed price is also cheap, but with the application of these discounts, it is an attractive choice.

ILGM accepts various payment methods including bitcoin, credit card, bank transfer or cash, etc. So you can choose the right payment method. And ILGM is a reputable online seed bank, so you can rest assured to transact.

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This seed bank also offers guaranteed shipping, however it only applies to orders that pay an extra fee. These orders are subject to order tracking, but in return you will be fully compensated if the order cannot pass customs, or for any other problem that you cannot receive the order.

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) is a leading popular online seed bank today and they are also a leading large seed repository with hundreds of quality cannabis strains. It is Robert Bergman, who has more than 25 years of experience in the cannabis industry, is the founder of ILGM and he also wants to bring this passion for cannabis to share widely with the cannabis community.

This seed bank is based in Montreal, Canada, it is a trusted source for buying cannabis seeds for the USA cannabis community. Quebec Cannabis Seeds deliver globally and exceptionally quickly to regions in North America. They understand the laws in the US states and from there make appropriate adjustments to safely deliver goods to customers.

They also offer a wide range of payment methods so customers can choose the right one. We recommend paying by credit or debit card.

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This question does not have an absolute yes/no answer. The United States does not have a single law in terms of buying Cannabis seeds and CBD products. It means that laws vary from one state to another.

Ministry of Cannabis Seeds

We understand that cannabis plants and/or medical marijuana have many benefits. We also understand that some of you just like watching cannabis plants grow. Regardless of what reason you have to purchase cannabis seeds, our goal is to help you find the best seed banks that ship to the USA.

Stealth Shipping generally means a guarantee that the seed bank will send/resend or repackage your product in case you were not able to receive your order, However, take note that this offer only applies to unsuccessful delivery due to customs’ conflicts and other problems not related to your mistakes. For instance, you will not be eligible for this offer if the delivery failure is due to your failure of providing us your correct address. Stealth Shipping is usually free of charge.

They have a high reputation online, as they always deliver high-quality cannabis and marijuana seeds. According to them, they were able to fulfill their duty as they have teamed up with numerous breeders.