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can i buy cannabis seeds in washington state

Other online marijuana seed sellers in the U.S. may use incorrect labels when shipping, with terms like “luxury bird food” or “fishing bait additives.” Stores also may sell seeds as “collector items” or “additives.”

Always buy from a reputable seed bank. The last thing you want is to buy what you think are feminized seeds, only to discover that they are regular seeds only capable of producing male plants.

How to buy seeds

For more variety you can buy seeds online, although there are risks. Consider having them shipped to a state where growing marijuana at home is legal. That way, if your package gets intercepted, it’s unlikely you will face legal consequences. But you may still face legal jeopardy if you have to cross state lines to bring them home.

You can learn more about the different types of seeds, strains, and how best to grow them on most seed bank websites along with any applicable local laws. Do your research, and keep in mind how, where, what and when you want to grow before making a purchase.

Since most seed banks that offer cannabis seeds source them from seed banks in European countries, you may want to search there too.

All cardholding patients may cultivate up to 6 cannabis plants in the privacy of their residence. For those with a special dispensation from their doctor, the cultivation of up to 15 plants is permitted. As such, for those cultivating their own cannabis crops, possession limits increase as well to 8 and oz and 16 oz respectively and those that get special dispensation from their doctor may grow up to 15 cannabis plants.

Complete Grow Guide

For medical users, possession limits are higher. All cardholders in the state may possess the following:

Can I grow Marijuana in Washington?

But what are the exact laws regarding cannabis possession and is it legal to grow your own marijuana plants in Washington? Let’s take a closer look at the states most important cannabis laws.

However, medical marijuana patients are allowed to grow cannabis at home, but as you would expect, there are some restrictions.

Buying cannabis seeds has never been easier with our selection of recreational and medical cannabis strains like Durban Poison, NYC Diesel and Tangerine Dream available in regular seeds, feminized seeds, and autoflowering marijuana seeds.

Indeed, for newcomers, our selection of autoflowering feminized marijuana strains (including Blueberry Autoflowering and Kush autoflowering) are ideal for those with little to no cannabis growing experience.

Medical marijuana firms are limited to residential homes only. Do not grow more than four plants to avoid violating the law. In addition, find a safe and secluded place to grow your marijuana. If you wish to commercialize your weed business, plan to get a registration card or medical recommendation.

Struggling to find marijuana seeds of a strain that you have been craving to grow and smoke? Local dispensaries usually have a smaller selection of seeds to choose from, and the ones that are there you can not be sure how long they have been sitting there. They get handled daily which can affect the overall yield from your seeds. With Weed Seeds, we hold many Chronic Seeds Cheap with a huge selection of seeds stored properly. With our germination guarantee and super-potent strains, you can be sure your marijuana seeds are coming from a trusted location. We source our seeds from American growers, so when you buy from us, you support your country. We offer quick shipping and handling and make the whole process from our website to smoking the ganja well worth your while.

Washington is home to 3 National Parks, 17 natural landmarks, 1,462 historic places Nationally registered, 186 state parks, and 25 National Historic Landmarks.

Buy Natural Seeds Online: A How to Guide

Anyone violating Washington marijuana guidelines risks prosecution. Even though the law is relaxed on unregistered cannabis growing, having a registration card gives you peace of mind. A doctor’s recommendation letter can stand in the place of a registration card.

What’s going to make the difference in your buzz among cannabis is whether it contains CBD which is non-psychoactive and offers a mellow, relaxing effect, or THC which is psychoactive and delivers an uplifting vibe. People looking for the sedative effects of marijuana but without the psychoactive side effects should consider getting CBD Seeds Delivered to your door from Weed Seeds. These seeds are making a huge impact in the pharmaceutical world. Patients are ditching their prescriptions which causes a slew of side effects and replacing them with all-natural CBD. CBD is short for cannabidiol which contains properties that can reduce anxiety, relieve pain, and inflammation. It has also proven effective in shrinking cancer tumors and cancer patients find relief after ingesting CBD from the nauseating effects of chemotherapy.

It is legal to grow marijuana in Washington if you are a registered commercial producer. This means patients relying on medical marijuana can grow their cannabis seeds.

Another requirement is that the cannabis garden should be at least a mile away from any commercial center. Whether it is a commercial or residential cannabis garden, it must not be open to members of the public.