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Can CBD oil cause headaches? Everything you need to know about CBD oil and the potential for causing headaches, why, and what it might mean! Cannabis users sometimes say THC gives them headaches. Can the same thing happen with CBD flower, though, or does smoking CBD help with headaches?

Can CBD Oil Cause Headaches? Here’s When, and Why!

CBD oil has become more significant in recent times. Conveyed as a product that can treat or ease many ailments. But there can be side effects, and many have asked if CBD oil can cause headaches.

In this article, we’ll provide the definitive answer on whether CBD can cause headaches. First, we’ll start with a quick summary answer.

Can CBD oil cause headaches? CBD oil may cause headaches due to incorrect dosage, poor quality CBD, toxic produced cannabis, or using products not taken through independent laboratory testing. However, according to the majority of user experiences and clinical trials, CBD oil does not cause headaches, even as a side effect.

That’s the short answer, but there’s more to understand about CBD oil and the potential for headaches. You can find out how CBD Oil works here, so let’s focus more on CBD oil and headaches.

Are Headaches a Common Side Effect of CBD Oil?

The first thing many CBD users question is whether a headache is a common side effect of CBD oil.

Firstly, CBD is a naturally occurring compound found in the hemp strains of the cannabis plant. This naturally occurring plant-based supplement makes it a safe product for consumption.

So, even if certain side effects are triggered by this supplement, they’re often mild or at least, not critical. However, side effects may be more severe if they are influenced by other interactions. For example, CBD oil may interact with other medications you are taking, such as blood thinners. Here are the most common methods of taking CBD Oil, which can prove to limit your risk of side effects.

However, like anything that has its pros and cons, CBD may trigger certain unwanted side effects. The most common side effects of CBD include low blood pressure, dry mouth, dizziness, and drowsiness.

These common side effects are generally experienced by many CBD oil users.

Surprisingly, headaches or related conditions like migraines have not been among these common side effects for many users. Meaning, users of CBD oil reporting headaches after taking CBD is a more rare occurrence.

However, users experiencing a headache after taking CBD oil have been reported in the past. But it’s still arguable on what may be the cause for it.

With user experiences bringing about controversies with CBD oil causing headaches, it’s important to see what clinical researchers have to say on the subject.

Can CBD Oil Cause Headaches – According to Clinical Trials

The hemp industry that makes CBD oil still makes it difficult to assess CBD oil’s exact safety in a comprehensive way. This, in turn, means it’s difficult to find individual reports that assess if CBD oils can cause a headache.

However, a report published in 2017 on the safety and effects of CBD oil touched on a few common side effects of CBD oil.

The report stated, appetite changes, weight gain, diarrhea, dry mouth, drowsiness, hypertension, and lightheaded-ness to be among the few common side effects.

Nowhere did this well-compiled report state that any side effects involved CBD causing headaches.

Side Effect Confusion

The side effect of lightheaded-ness may be what leads to a headache, but this remains debatable.

It’s clear the average user does not usually experience headaches. And even clinical trials don’t support that CBD oil can cause headaches, making it more likely to be a coincidental occurrence.

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While the search for what may cause headaches in CBD oil users continues, below are some reasons why your CBD oil may cause you to suffer a headache.

We also have to remember that headaches, in general, can be caused by any number of reasons, one of the main reasons being dehydration.

Taking Incorrect Doses of CBD Oil

The dose of any medication or supplement is crucial for its effective treatment for a medical condition. As such, it’s also important to monitor your CBD dose as directed.

For CBD, the sensitivity of overdosing is high. This is because most of CBD’s side effects come from the wrong dose or uncontrolled CBD use (overdose).

So, taking CBD oil in incorrect doses, either too high or too low, may bring about a headache or similar effects. This could be why no headaches were reported in the studies, as controlled studies closely monitored dose quantities for health reasons.

We should also mention how your body responds to a certain dose of CBD may play a role in whether or not CBD oil causes a headache. This is why it’s always good to talk to your doctor about what dose may be right and effective for you and your health condition.

Poor Quality CBD Oil

The CBD oil market is largely unregulated, and there are plenty of unscrupulous dealers trying to maximize profits by any means.

Add to this a growing market for CBD, and it creates the perfect environment for opportunists to capitalize on its surge in popularity. This leads to sales of low-quality products, synthetic, or even oil made using chemical methods.

The opportunities for selling products other than organic CBD oils are high.

Any product other than an organic CBD oil could potentially cause severe and consistent side effects. These side effects are likely not registered in a laboratory test. Such side effects include respiratory issues, allergies, and of course, headaches.

Organic and quality produced CBD oil should not cause headaches. This is according to the majority of user experiences and as indicated through clinical trials.

Toxic Cannabis Production and Processing

The cannabis plant from which CBD oil is made is susceptible to absorbing mercury, lead, and other chemicals.

It’s essential that CBD undergoes safe and careful harvesting and processing.

Cannabis plants are grown in different parts of the world. Therefore, different CBD products could exhibit different properties based on how and where they’re grown and processed.

This also means it’s possible for toxic chemicals to “fall” into your CBD oil depending on processing parameters and where they come from.

Such absorption of toxic components by cannabis plants could result in low-quality or even diluted CBD extracts. This could ultimately cause severe impacts on your health, which may also include headaches, migraines, or other respiratory diseases.

Products Without Independent Laboratory Testing

As we mentioned earlier, the CBD oil market is largely unregulated.

So, it’s important to buy from manufacturers who provide evidence-based safety, quality, and potency of their products. This evidence should be in the form of proof of 3rd party testing.

Independent and regulated testing tells consumers what’s included in the product – including an indication of the quality and potency levels.

Apart from this, official tests also give warning guidelines on the use of chemical fertilizers, microbial contamination, and pesticides that have (or may have) made their way into the supplement.

If you observe any warnings on packaging or labeling – or the absence of any proper labeling, then that can be considered a warning sign for the product. If that’s the case, then you should refrain from consuming them.

As such, independent tests will assure you of a quality and safe product that will not cause unusual or unexpected side effects like headaches.

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Heeding the warnings of CBD products may just protect you from consuming unsafe or toxic contents.

Final Thoughts

Like any other medication that may come from unregulated countries or unknown or untested sources, you ideally need to perform your own due diligence. We hope this has given you a better understanding of whether CBD oil can cause headaches.

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Can CBD Flower Give You a Headache?

Over the years, cannabis users have begun associating headaches with low-quality or contaminated weed. Since there’s nothing specific to cannabis that should result in headaches at the time of use, contaminants in cannabis products are usually the cause.

Learn what weed headaches are, how to prevent them, and whether CBD hemp flower makes headaches worse or makes them go away.

Does cannabis cause headaches?

Smoking cannabis has been known to cause headaches in some users, but this symptom is rare and usually caused by substances other than THC. Headache is a common symptom of “ weed hangover ,” though, which can occur after ingesting a large amount of THC.

Scientists have also cautioned people with migraines away from smoking weed as a cure , citing evidence that THC can cause “rebound” headaches in migraine sufferers. Given this evidence regarding THC, you’d be forgiven for wondering if smoking CBD flower could cause headaches as well.

Why did weed give me a headache?

Scientists don’t know exactly why THC can cause headaches in some users. It’s worth noting, though, that THC is a psychoactive chemical that strongly affects your neurochemistry , potentially leading to imbalances that could cause head pain.

Habitual THC users, though, usually end up suspecting that cannabis quality is the main perpetrator of weed headaches. If you use cannabis on a daily basis, you won’t generally experience symptoms of “weed hangover,” leaving differing quality between cannabis products as one of the only remaining viable explanations.

How do you avoid weed headaches?

If you consistently experience headaches after smoking weed, it could be the case that your particular neurochemical makeup simply isn’t compatible with THC. If you only sometimes get headaches when using THC, though, choosing a different product could solve your problem.

Can CBD cause headaches?

Headache is not a commonly reported side effect of CBD. On the contrary, most users report that CBD helps with headaches .

CBD users have provided anecdotal testimony that CBD might be useful for pain ever since this cannabinoid became popular. CBD has also been widely researched for its pain-fighting potential .

The way you use CBD and the quality of the CBD products you use could impact the potential of this cannabinoid to cause headaches. Always choose the purest, highest-quality products to avoid headaches caused not by the CBD molecule itself, but contaminants in CBD formulations.

Should you smoke CBD flower if you get headaches?

Many people who suffer from headaches have reported relief after using CBD hemp flower. Smoking CBD delivers the effects of this cannabinoid quickly and effectively, potentially making smokable CBD products highly useful for headaches, which often onset rapidly.

If you decide to try smoking CBD hemp flower to help with headaches, take the following advice into consideration:

  • Choose high-quality, organic CBD buds to avoid contaminants
  • Take a few puffs of CBD as soon as possible after you feel a headache coming on
  • Check customer reviews to find out which CBD hemp flower strains are best for headaches
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CBD flower & headaches FAQ

Let’s deepen our knowledge of CBD to find out why, exactly, people think this cannabinoid might be useful for headaches:

Does CBD affect your head?

CBD does not cause the “head-change” or high associated with THC, but that’s not to say CBD doesn’t affect your head at all. CBD users often report that this cannabinoid has a relaxing or even numbing effect that is often felt in the head area as a general feeling of calmness or sleepiness.

How does CBD make your head feel?

If you’re currently experiencing head pain, many CBD users would argue that taking CBD might make it feel better. The scientific community has yet to definitively decide if CBD is a viable treatment for pain, but that hasn’t stopped millions of people from using CBD for pain of all types (including head pain) over the last decade.

Does smoking CBD flower help with headaches?

If you experience chronic headaches that impact your quality of life, you might want to try smoking CBD hemp flower. Countless CBD users have reported excellent results using CBD for pain, and inhaling CBD is one of the fastest and most effective ways to ingest this cannabinoid.

Within a few moments of taking a puff of CBD, this cannabinoid will have already entered your bloodstream and begun coursing throughout your body. Headaches can come on unexpectedly and intensely, so keep a CBD hemp pre-roll or vape cartridge on hand at all times.

What is the best CBD hemp flower for headaches?

Based on customer reviews, it appears indica and sativa strains of CBD hemp flower are used for headaches about equally. For most types of pain, users tend to veer toward the sedating effects of indicas, but some CBD flower users who get headaches appear to prefer the uplifting benefits of sativas, which can help get your mind off things.

  • Secret Nature Diesel Puff Sativa CBD Hemp Flower review – Derik P. “Pain relief without worry” ★★★★★ “My pain was relieved, I slept soundly with vivid dreams. Couldn’t have expected more! Best part of all, I don’t have to worry about my company’s random testing program.”

In the end, you might want to choose a balanced hybrid CBD hemp flower that bridges the indica-sativa divide. A trial-and-error process could prove necessary as you find the right balance of terpenes to make your head feel better. Don’t worry, the ideal strain will appear with a little diligence.

  • Secret Nature Sour Gummi Hybrid CBD Hemp Flower review – Erin B. “Excellent Product” ★★★★★ “I’ve bought CBD flower from numerous sources. The flower from Secret Nature is by far the best. The bud smells amazing and tastes wonderful. Full body relaxation. Thank you!”

Should I smoke CBD flower when I get a headache?

If you decide to smoke CBD hemp flower to help with headaches, just make sure that:

  • The flower you smoke is high-quality and free from contaminants
  • Reviews for the strain you chose say it’s good for pain
  • You switch to vaping if smoking CBD isn’t your cup of tea

You could be the type of person who is just inherently sensitive to smoke. In that case, a CBD hemp vape cartridge could be the solution.

Whatever you do, just remember that thousands of reviewers who used CBD hemp flower for headaches have reported great results. Avoid bad products with agricultural contaminants that might hurt your head, and you’re right as rain.

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