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california orange cannabis seeds

Strain Characteristics: California Orange Bud Feminized will grow displaying indica and sativa traits, making her a well balanced hybrid, that grows medium height. As she is a big yielding cultivar, her growth structure will remain more bushy than tall, as she fills out with plenty of vegetative growth.

Yields of 500 – 550 g/m² are possible with this hybrid, and we strongly recommend growing in a Sea of Green for maximum production. A great choice for beginner growers as she does not stretch much once flowering starts, making her ideal for indoor growers with limited height. The flowering period can take upto 70 days, however she is well worth the wait, and will reward you with big frosted buds, with an orange and pink hairs wrapped around. A beautiful strain that is a real head turner and has incredible bag appeal in terms of appearance and aroma.

Medical patients may find this strain useful for removing feelings of anxiety, stress, headaches, improving motivation, feelings of nausea and sickness and deep relaxation without any heavy cerebral effect.

Genetics: By backcrossing the original seeds brought back from the West Coast almost 40 years ago, we were able to recreate all of the best traits from this lady, making her extremely uniform and homogenous. We were able to enhance the yields and terp profile of the parental line even further, making this strain ideal for commercial growers.

Experiencing this strain: Her effects are a mixture of upbeat, high energy with a relaxing physical effect that runs through the entire body. A great choice for social occasions as well as smokers with a low tolerance who enjoy deep conversation and a spark of creativity. When lighting a joint, her flavour is zesty, orange, mandarina and candy all mixed into one smooth sensation, that reveals itself further upon exhaling. It won’t take long before her effects kick in, giving you an overwhelming sense of calmness and clarity, with an edge of alertness like a good old boost of vitamin C.

Created in North California, California Orange Bud seeds are not so easy to grow if you are a novice. However, if you decide to try cultivating these cannabis seeds indoors, you will be rewarded with nice yields of tight buds covered in resin. California Orange Bud seeds produce bushes that are not very tall and that can easily fit in any room. The aroma of this weed is fruity and bright, just like California’s sunsets. If you are eager to try growing this strain, buy California Orange Bud seeds by visiting our website

Like any domestic plant, grown indoors, California Orange Bud seeds require a lot of nutrients and the right cultivation environment. The plant won’t be too high, so there’s actually no need to trim it. The leaves of this phenotype are covered in orange hair, and the buds are all covered in resin encrusted crystals. When grown properly, this strain can produce up to 1.3 – 1.8 oz/ft2 (400 – 550 g/m2). California Orange Bud seeds need a warm, sunny place to grow and manifest themselves best during the summer months. The flowering period for this strain is pretty short – you can enjoy this high-quality weed in only seven weeks! Buy some seeds now and try California Orange Bud – you won’t be disappointed!

Character & Flavor

This strain is true salvation from any symptoms of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. California Orange Bud helps people suffering from ADD stay focused and mutes all of the outside distractions. Thanks to its sativa component, California Orange Bud provides consumers with a mild high, relieving pain and stress and improving appetite.

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According to the name, these weed seeds will grow and turn into a plant with a citrus and orange aroma, with some hints of herbs. The smoke from this weed will be sweet and light, helping you stay focused and relieving any pain you’re experiencing at the same time. With each puff, you will go deeper into the orange wonderland. California Orange Bud is a juicy, tasty, and a pure pleasure to smoke. Try it once – and you will not be able to forget its taste.

We’ll keep you informed of any developments.

California Orange cannabis seeds evolve into beautiful vigorous marijuana plants with amazingly long branches full of fat resinous buds. This fast-flowering strain is also ideal for the elaboration of high-quality resin extractions.

California Orange has an intensely fruity flavour and aroma, with notes of citrus and pine. Its effect provides a typically Sativa potent and balanced high that is both physical and cerebral.


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