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To clear the confusion on the specifics of strain strength, potency and yield, we have created a seed table to help you navigate through the rigors of the process.

Our premium quality seeds are available in either Sativa-dominant hybrids or Indica-dominant hybrid strains. You’d find that the high THC levels strains are a whole new vibe. They are usually uplifting and bursting with energy.

First time users of cannabis for any purpose are advised to always start small and with strains of lower potency then work their way up. The stronger potency nature of premium seeds can create psychotropic reactions which can be a little too heavy and disruptive for first time users.

Premium Seeds and THC Levels

Due to the nature of breeding, most Premium seeds have very high THC content levels, usually above 20% THC content level range. Seeds in this category are applicable for both recreational and medical uses but caution should be exercised for first time users.

All our Premium Cannabis Seeds possess a first-class genetic disposition. And as have been mentioned above, our seeds are products of the expert refinement and enhancement of existing breeds to achieve a stellar master-breed.

They are highly resilient and sturdy . While there are landrace varieties that are sturdy and resilient, not all are able to match the full combination of sturdiness, resilience and potency that the premium seeds possess.

Our expert breeders achieve a premium mix that creates a new premium line of curated cannabis seeds by collecting the best male and female cannabis strains, then fertilizing them to give rise to more viable plants. The process is a stepped process, starting with the parent plants.

MoC’s website also provides information for new growers. They also have blogs and articles you might find useful if you find yourself looking for help.

Each state in the US has its laws concerning the growth and use of Marijuana. As long as the seeds have not germinated, the company can ship them to you as bird food/fish bait or a souvenir. All companies such as MSNL have information regarding technicalities on their disclaimer page.

Cons of Ministry of Cannabis

Others were very happy with the information present on the website, helping them use the seeds the right way. Many other people also pointed out the brilliant customer support they got through the FAQs on the website and their direct phone line for international and local users.

Customers seem to be very pleased to receive extra seeds with their orders. Additionally, healthy and quick plant growth has people leaving positive reviews about the brand.

To be safe, you should always check the laws of controversial products in your state/country before proceeding to place your order.

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