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buy australian bastard cannabis seeds

Утки ноги вы можете найти его на сайте голландской страсти..

Humboldt CSI имеет штамм ABC, а Dutch Passion – штамм «Утиная нога». Надеюсь, я ответил на ваш вопрос и помню Счастливый рост и Освободите свой ум по одному слоенку за раз.

The ABC, с другой стороны, довольно трудно найти.. и если вы его найдете, он запустит вас по крайней мере $150..
Но если вы ищете и ищете, вам может просто повезет и найти кого-то, у кого есть семя или найти его по более низкой цене.

Nice thankyou for the info, but fuck csi Humboldt I ain’t paying 200 usd for 5 beans of ABC from America sent back to Australia. Anyone else see the lunacy in that.

Scroll down and don’t forget to look at subterfuge #1 on second page.

Scroll down and don’t forget to look at subterfuge #1 on second page.

Bean Busy

Im more along the lines of getting like half a hand full of beans from a guy in Australia for like a carton of beer tops. I mean it’s a feral type of bush weed.

I’ll put the shoe on the other foot so it’s tailored more to a American, your after some Mexican brick weed and I say check out this well known reputable Australian breeder there only charging 330 aud for 5 beans plus shipping. Your thinking I could probably just get some from Mexico seeing as that’s where it’s from.

They received feedback from readers who said to have this strain before. One Australian grower said that the ABC was kwon as Mutant, and that some thought it might be a “colchicine polyploidy experiment gone wrong”.

ABC strain first set of leaves identical to regular cannabis, before the first true leaves appeared that differences became evident.

The weed were reach an average height of about three feet and harvested in November, trimmed and hung to dry. The plants approximated yield of three dry ounces per plant.


They call this new variety Australian Bastard Cannabis (ABC), and we gave away many seeds to interested breeders, as well as giving away a large batch of ABC x Flo.

The structure is totally different than regular cannabis we knwo. There are no fan leaves, all leaves are quite small with an irregular distribution of stamens. The plant grows more like a shrub, without typical candelabra aspect of normal cannabis.

Im into breeding seed, especially strange varieties. I currently am working on a stable Snowryder X Ducksfoot strain (called Little Foot) that will, when it is done, reliably be webbed, autoflowering, and non- femenized- autos arent sold non- fem much anymore so I needed to breed my own automatic duck.

This new strain by Mr Ayers, as an outdoor grower in Australia. Mr Ayers said CC#19 need more potency, but the strain was extraordinarily hardy and frost-resistant, and unrecognizable as cannabis.