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busted for ordering seeds

DNA Genetics is a company that strives to push the boundaries, bridging the gap to advance genetics, is now the leading catalog of some of the most sought-after strains in the world today. Originally from California, DNA Genetics moved all the way to Europe, to the only country that fully legalizes cannabis: The Netherlands. This group of friends started with only $200 in their pockets. Their intention was to create a safe space for friends, family, and customers to easily access seeds.

Like “weed” or flowers, oils, edibles, and other cannabis products, the legality of cannabis seed is complicated. There are many laws that you should take note of, and you should be extremely careful not to cross any of these laws as to not get busted. The legality of marijuana seeds depends on which state you live in. States such as California, a state in which legalizes the medical and recreational use of marijuana, as well as producing and selling seeds are completely legal within their own state. Unfortunately, marijuana seeds cannot be crossed from one state to another. On the upside, seed banks that are located from a different country are legal, as long as it is for “souvenir purposes”. Discreet packaging is highly recommended, so make sure to check on this before you purchase. Cannabis seeds online can be quite sketchy. To buy marijuana seeds, you need to be extremely vigilant. Once you cross a line, you may be detained. Here is a helpful guide to buying marijuana seeds online:

Founded by Robert Bergman in 2012, I Love Growing Marijuana is an online seed bank that started due to Robert’s fascination with growing marijuana in Amsterdam during the mid-’90s. Originally, it started in a small home, but after a while, his fascination with marijuana grew and so did his plantation of cannabis.


In this review, I will cover the following:

Due to the complicated laws of cannabis seeds, it can be quite tricky to purchase from seed banks. Many seed banks are available on the internet, so anyone can buy marijuana seeds online. Finding the right seed bank that is reliable and legal is incredibly important. After all, cannabis cultivation is complicated as it is, buying cannabis seeds online should be quick and easy. Bear in mind that ordering seeds internationally may take longer due to customs, so make sure that the site you are buying from ensures its customers of stealth shipping.

Once cannabis seeds are planted, they will most likely flourish. Knowing which strain of cannabis you want to grow is essential because it will produce a lot of buds once harvesting day comes. If you are not knowledgeable of your chosen strain, producing a lot of buds would be a waste.

Unfortunately, after the long years of growing marijuana, he decided to stop and walk away from it completely. With all his knowledge of cannabis, he figured that the best way to make use of his knowledge was to share it with others. He soon started a blog about growing marijuana. The blog was composed of posts about everything related to marijuana such as caring for plants, maintaining security, accessing quality seeds, among many others. His blog became a complete hit, soon after a community blossomed.

Furthermore, reputable online seed banks ensure that no marijuana related descriptions are linked to the transaction (as Weedseedsexpress does by default).

Besides changing your name, you can also use a general email address without mentioning your own name. It’s very easy to create a new and free email address for example Gmail or And do you want to stay completely under the radar when you’re looking for cannabis seeds? Then use the search engine Qwant. This search engine does not store any personal data. No one will ever know that you have typed in ‘How to get cannabis seeds? or ‘How to buy cannabis seeds safely online’ ;).

To help you find the right seed bank, we’ll give you some useful tips with this checklist below.

5. Choose a discrete payment method

How do you get marijuana seeds if you live in a country where buying cannabis seeds is still illegal? Simple, you buy marijuana seeds online. This may sound scary, but especially if you live in a country where you cannot or are not allowed to buy cannabis seeds, this is the only solution. Buying cannabis seeds online is safe and discreet and in most cases they are delivered on time. Even in countries where cannabis seeds are illegal. Luckily, in most European countries you can buy cannabis seeds online without any problems.

If you don’t want your name to be associated with marijuana related products, you can choose to order without Track & Trace. You don’t have to sign for the parcel/envelope when it is delivered. In that case you can choose to use a different name, abbreviation or only initials at the mailing address.

Registered mail such as Track & Trace mail usually requires a signature upon receipt. So for privacy reasons you can order without Track & Trace, but the disadvantage is that you cannot track the status of your order.

If you’ve Googled a bit, you may have noticed that many shops are located in Canada, the United Kingdom and of course the Netherlands. Dutch online cannabis shops are often located in or around Amsterdam: the source where the highest quality seeds come from and where the most knowledge can be found. For the best quality cannabis seeds it is therefore best to order from a reputable (Dutch) seed bank with a long track record.

Everyone wants their seeds to arrive on time after ordering. Check the delivery times from the website to make sure that it won’t take a long time to deliver your order. Stealth packaging provides the company. This means shipped as a discreet product. NO one knows that there are seeds inside the packaging, which will also keep down the likelihood that it will be intercepted. If the packaging is doubtful the concerned authorities will have it blocked.

Select a cannabis seed bank that prefers the satisfaction of their purchaser over anything else. Company representatives are available round the clock for their client service. They should be easily accessible via such as phone, chat, or email.

Are you ordering Cannabis Seeds online for the first time? Without busted for ordering seed its really important to make sure you get your seeds from a trusted source like best canadian seed banks. Who ensure your security & also keeps you from getting scammed or cheat with low-quality seeds.


This kind of seed is your good choice if you want to grow your weed outdoor environment. Auto-flowering seeds have strong and sturdy genetics. They have the ability to grow in harsh weather conditions. Three weeks after cultivation, the production of flowers automatically starts. For Auto Flowering Seeds no need to adjust light schedules based on the stage of the plant growth.

Indica plant short, fat leaves thick stem and stocky structure. Indica plants grow like Bush and a huge amount of weed produce in a small area.

When selecting a reputable Seed Bank would be the number of strains and seeds are available. If you need Sativa, Indica, Or hybrid strains, They should be available. whether if you are searching for Feminized, Regular, or auto-flowering Seeds, The company must offer them.
If you are a Strater, You need to think of the cause why you are producing cannabis? Pick the suitable strain that fulfills your needs.
Northern Lights and white widow are good strains in medical cannabis.
White Rhino and Bubba kush will be outstanding choices.
White Fire Alien or Juliet use for anxiety.

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