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Commander 4 variétés dont girl scoot cookie et auto og kiudh..ces graines sont minuscule et s écrasé entre les doigt ,aucune n a germé 2 semaine après toujours rien alors que les autre sont déjà en pot.
J’ai envoyé mail mais après plusieurs jours toujours pas de réponse.
Dernière fois que je commande ici.
A fuir. si j’ai des nouvelles de leur part je reviendrai mettre ce qu il en est,mais pour l instant restez sur des sites déjà reconnus

I placed an order for $175 with these folks on 09-07-2017. After completing the transaction, my money was taken but my cart was still full and I had no order confirmation. I emailed customer service, no response. Over the next several days I tried to contact these folks via email; no response.

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I place a $175.00 order. No order confirmation. No payment confirmation. Balance stills shows due, cart still full. blks. will not respond to my emails

Never ordered with their shop directly, but had 60 seeds going in 2017. Because I had mixed results, mostly positive, 2018 will be done with another batch from Bulk Seeds Bank. This year in 2018 it will be NL (20), AK (20), Cheese(10), Sweet Tooth (10), Purple Glam(10), Amnesia Haze(5) and OG Kush (5).

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Seedsman carries one of the largest selections any seed bank has to offer out there. Given their standing in the market as the most trusted brand, they produce high-quality seeds that customers seem to be happy with.

Delivery for orders placed in the UK takes 1-3 business days, up to 5 business days in Europe, and 7-12 days in the US.

With Seedsman, you can always be sure to find something that works for you. The company offers marijuana seeds for both medicinal and recreational uses. Before you make your purchase, you can check out their website to view various seeds, flowering type seeds, cultivation seeds, and strain types.

#5. The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store – Best Discreet Delivery

Others were very happy with the information present on the website, helping them use the seeds the right way. Many other people also pointed out the brilliant customer support they got through the FAQs on the website and their direct phone line for international and local users.

The MoC website offers vast information for regular seed growers or be it starters. If you have any queries, you can be almost always sure to find the answer. Each seed strain has information on yields, CBD and THC content, and so much more.

Safeguard your invested money by choosing a reliable and trusted seed bank. Mediocre sources will take no responsibility in the case that your order gets lost in the process. You can conduct informal research by reading online reviews and checking out company policies and conditions. Ensure that the company offers guarantees on delivery and makes up for packages lost or confiscated during delivery. Minimize your risk by making sure you pick a seed bank that is trusted, reliable, and has a long-standing in the market.

Customers have rated ILGM an overall 4.8/5. Each strain bifurcates the comment section on TrustPilot, so users of that particular strain can learn from other people’s experiences. People particularly love the quick delivery and quality of seeds that set ILGM apart from the competition.

I will keep feeding them a mixture of "Microlife", worm castings, kelp and molasses for another week or so, and then begin the flowering nutrients with some BioBizz.

It’s been 4 days since the last update, but the plants have been doing well since. I’ve replaced the budget LEDs with a 315W CMH fitting (which funny enough is running the tent cooler than the two LEDs).

Week three now and the plants have been under LST for the past few days. Two of the plants have just started showing signs of flowering. They are still fairly small, but I’m hoping that the stretching period is quite aggressive.


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The girls are currently at day 7, they had a rough first week with heat wave conditions heating the tent up to 35’C.

After having a successful Jack Heree outdoor result. I picked up 5 strains from Bulk Seed Bank, at extremely cheap prices. Wanted to see what the genetics are like at 1/4 the price of most autos.

Veg Lights: "300W" Bloomspect + "1000W" Bestva LEDs.
Flower Light: Sunlight
Soil: Freedom Farms soil
Pot size: 12L fabric shopping bags
Nutrients: Will be using Freedom Farms microlife in veg, and their Fire Juice late flower booster in addition to Biobizz Bloom and Malasses.