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bulk feminized cannabis seeds

GB The Green Brand offers a wide variety of bulk seeds, whether they are indica or sativa and for indoors or outdoors. All of them feature a detailed description to make sure you buy what you are looking for and improve your cannabis yields. Bulk seed sales have increased enormously over the past few years and it is always best to purchase them at a trustworthy grow shop, such as GB The Green Brand.

Critical Widow: Known for its ease of growth, large yields and resinous flowers thanks to its predecessors, Critical and White Widow. It features sweet, fruity and spiced aromas and flavors and produces a strong cerebral high. Regarding indoor cultivation, it can yield approximately 450 g/m2 and its examples can measure between 0.6 and 1.2 m of height. Outdoors, its yield could increase up to 1kg per plant and its height could range between 2 oe 3 m height.

Jack Herer: This hybrid was created by Sensi Seeds and it stands out for its compact and great quality sativa aspects with short flowering periods and compact buds full of trichomes. Thanks to its great genetic quality, this plant features very high THC levels that can reach up to 20% and make it very desirable. Aromas and scents are flowery with some hash, incense, fruity skunk and Afghan touches. Its effects are euphoric at the start and followed by a sense of body relaxation within minutes.

Advantages of buying bulk seeds

Quality and price don’t always go together. As proof of this, GB The Green Brand (Growbarato) offers the best indoors and outdoors bulk seeds at a very competitive price. These types of seeds feature a great genetic variety that has been stabilized in order to prevent any germination problems and they come from the best Spanish and international seed banks.

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In our GB Bulk Seeds category you’ll find a selection of some of the best strains from the past few years, all of which come from refined seed selections and some of which have even been crossed in order to improve their characteristics. So, if you’re looking for high quality bulk feminized seeds, take a look at this section and find the perfect strain for you.

Sativa bulk seeds: We offer plenty of sativa bulk seeds, such as Amnesia or Mexican Brazilian. The first one flowers fast without increasing its size excessively while the second one needs staking and netting. In order to maximize yield, we recommend using the SoG method for Amnesia and the SCRoG system for Mexican Brazilian.

Gorilla Glue 4: Mythical strain created by backcrossing Chem Sis, Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel. Its medium-tall structure is herculean and full of branches. Perfect to perform heavy extractions. Regarding its flavors, this cultivar is known for its sweet and earthy shades combined with lemony and spiced touches. Its effects start off as joyful and euphoric but soon wear off and a full sense of relaxation takes over.

Our wholesale marijuana seeds are already heavily discounted, and we also have other seed promotions going on at MSNL where sometimes the sale prices on a normal pack of 10 seeds may be better than the discount for 100 seeds. If you find the same item on sale at a cheaper price on our website, please email us and we will match that deal and throw in a gift of some extra free seeds.

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It is a simple pricing structure; the more you order the bigger the discount, with savings of up to 55% off the retail cost when you order 500 or more seeds of any single strain. That’s a serious reduction!

Every cannabis seed strain is available and comes in multiples of 100 seeds.


The harvest producing female sex of the cannabis plant. These seeds are guaranteed to flower and produce a crop.

The best of both worlds, with much higher germination rates, these plants are ideal for beginners as well as the pros.

Regular seeds are chemically unaltered are deliver a mix of male and female, these are the cheapest form of seed package.

ARE YOU A SHOP? If you are a retailer or distributor and you are interested in our range, please contact us with your company details and we will provide you with a distributor price list.

Our mission is to provide high quality cannabis genetics at reasonable prices. The aim of our business is to help preserve cannabis genetics for future generations through the sale of souvenir cannabis seeds. Prohibition of cannabis in certain countries could lead to the extinction of some strains with the possible loss of medical, food and scientific resources. The more of us that collect souvenir seeds the more of a genetic base we will have to work from at a time when the growing of cannabis becomes legal again. As is the case with all plants, the more genetic examples we have the better the defence again pests and disease so we are constantly looking for new strains to add to our seed bank. The information provided for the strains we sell gives the genetic preservationist the knowledge he/she needs about the strain being preserved and is also available for those who live in countries where it is legal to grow cannabis.

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At Bulk Seed Bank we have the most reliable, potent and successful cannabis strains, offering a wide range of Sativa, Indica and Autoflowering seeds. All our products are bred from the highest-quality plants for optimum potency and aroma. We select our plants with expertise and choose only the ones that are highly suited for medicinal use, while striving for customer satisfaction. We focus and specialise in selective breeding of the worlds most famous strains. Our focus is to take popular and award winning genetics and improve them as best we can, focusing on both THC and CBD levels, medicinal values, visual appearance, taste, aroma and potency. All of our cannabis seeds are produced using only natural organic nutrients. We are confident that our seeds are of the highest quality.

All packages are shipped discreetly and processed the same day. You can also choose the fast UPS Express shipping and receive it in 1-3 days.


11 Exclusive Anniversary Strains.

> 100 Seeds > 500 Seeds > 1000 Seeds

Selected 1st quality cannabis genetics of certified and known origin, chosen by the Bulk Seed Bank specialists with many years of experience.

Safely packaged in a controlled atmosphere and stored at optimum temperatures, all seeds are kept inside transparent glass tubes with styrofoam protection.