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best place to buy cannabis seeds uk

The seed bank has been selling marijuana seeds since 2009. The Skunk24 sells dutch cannabis seeds. Purchasing its weed seeds, you have the guarantee that you will get new, reliable, and sound seeds of the best assortment of marijuana.


These classifications make it simpler to locate the specific seed that you are looking for, without perusing capriciously. If you are as of now mindful of the particular strain that you need, this is extremely useful. Then again, if you are not yet acquainted with the choices, you can likewise utilize the search option to spare a ton of time scanning for your needs.

9 – London Seed Centre Seed Bank

All the seeds in the Gorilla seed bank are available to sell for collection purposes. And so, they won’t examine the germination of the seeds. By seeing all the positive reviews, we are genuinely satisfied that you won’t face any issues in growing the seeds bought from them. If you purchased seeds that don’t germinate, you can return them and get a discount.

The UK-based seed bank has clients purchasing high-quality cannabis seeds from everywhere throughout the world. Let us enlighten you regarding these fabulous individuals in detail in the Gorilla seed bank review underneath.

The entire supply of Gorilla seed bank is well-curated and comprised of top seeds as it were. Gorilla Seed Bank has grown from an exceptionally little company to a standout among other online marijuana seeds banks. They are professionals at handling their clients in an extremely decent way.

Modes of Payment

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In 2021 it has suddenly become much more difficult to ship items to the UK. This has seen the market for cannabis seeds change somewhat. Some of our previous recommendations are based in Holland, they have taken the decision to no longer sell to the UK because of the additional taxes and costs to do so. Others have also moved headquarters to Spain which has meant not all stock is being held in local storage and reducing their selections.

What Should I Consider When Purchasing?

Seeds maybe purchased as memorabilia, souvenirs, bird food or even fish bait. However, if you make a purchase and indicate that you intend to germinate them then the seller is obligated to report it to the police. Equally, a seller must not indicate that seeds are being sold for the purpose of germination.

Confidentiality and discretion are key qualities when choosing a top UK seed bank.

This is important to know and can be discovered from a range of sources. Look at product reviews on the seed bank sites and other review sites. Visit forums and discussion boards and even question and answer sites such as Quora. Get as many different opinions as you can. Finally ask friends who have bought seeds and listen to their product and user experience.

Sometimes it’s better to hear it from other people, so I encourage you to join our grow forum and ask questions and hear answers from real people. This is a very personal decision, and you need to listen to your instincts, but I believe the evidence speaks for itself!

Be Patient! In my experience ordering cannabis seeds from overseas, they generally arrive at my house in the US about 1-4 weeks after my initial order. It’s normally pretty quick, but it can take longer. I had a package go missing once, and they sent another. I got the replacement, and then a week later the original one showed up, a full 6 weeks after it was shipped!

When marijuana seeds get caught by customs agents during shipping, the seeds get tossed and that’s it. It doesn’t matter what state you’re in, or your local laws. That is simply the way our laws about customs work. On the flip side, a U.S. sender can get in a lot of trouble by sending seeds from one place to the other within the U.S. (though this is still very, very rare).

What’s the Best Marijuana Seed Bank?

We have maintained this list since 2010 with reviews of the marijuana seed sources that we use at These seed banks take online orders and ship cannabis seeds worldwide (including the USA). We only recommend companies with outstanding stealth, reliability, customer service, and seed quality. This certainly isn’t a list of all good seed banks, but these are the seed banks we know and use ourselves.

Many, many growers order seeds online every day, and to this day there has never been a report of someone in the USA getting in legal trouble for simply ordering cannabis seeds online. You can check me on that! In fact, American citizens have been ordering seeds overseas via mail order from Amsterdam since at least the 1970s, and even though it’s been over 40 years there hasn’t been a case of an American getting in legal trouble simply for ordering cannabis seeds online through the mail!

Easy access to buy incredibly potent cannabis strains is another great reason many growers choose to buy weed seeds online.