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best feminized seeds

These AK47 marijuana plants are very easy to grow, but they are really very strong. The fact that even beginners can grow these cannabis plants is the reason that AK47 is really famous all over the world as one of the best marijuana feminized strains.

You will not be getting high from this marijuana strain, but they do have numerous health benefits. Some of them are:


This best indoors seeds strain is best used for medium relaxation along with great cerebral stimulation and pleasant happy feeling. As the strain has analgesic qualities, you can use it for medical purposes as well.

This strain is developed by one of the best seed breeders in 2019, the Seedsman breeders. They have been searching for a lemon haze strain to cross with an American marijuana strain for over 18 months.

We hope we have helped you check out all the Best Feminized Seeds available online in 2019.

This heavily indica-dominant cultivar produces some of the frostiest flowers we’ve ever seen. Her buds are small and compact, possess gorgeous lemon yellow pistils, and feature a layer of trichomes so thick they’re almost white. Sherbet Queen descended from Pink Panties and Sunset Sherbet, inheriting a monstrous THC content of 24% and a sweet and fruity terpene profile in the process. After a couple of tokes or a single bowl, you’ll feel a heavy blow to the body. Feel your muscles melt, your appetite surge, and your mind delve into philosophical and existential territory.

Legendary OG Punch grows tall, wide, and produces a dense canopy abundant with bud sites. Her colas are dense and feature a dark green canvas contrasted by large quantities of glistening trichomes. Our breeders created this unique hybrid after carefully crossing Legend OG and Purple Punch over several generations. She emerged as a hardy variety capable of thriving in a wide range of climates. Indoors, she’ll produce a rewarding 500–550g/m² after a flowering time of 8 weeks. Her slightly indica-dominant buds possess a THC level of 19% alongside refreshing and fruity terpenes—limonene and pinene dominate the mix.

5. Royal Runtz

This stunning strain produces dark purple flowers coated in trichomes and dotted with dark orange pistils. She inherited her stunning good looks from legendary parent strains Wedding Cake, Gelato, and Gelato 33. Speedy and indica-dominant, Wedding Gelato produces 450–550g/m² after a brief flowering time of 8–9 weeks. Her powerful lineup of parents also passed down enormous THC levels of 25% and one of the sweetest terpene profiles on the planet. Brace yourself for a body-slamming high that diffuses tension and elevates the mind into euphoria for several hours at a time.

These top-tier cultivars represent the best feminized genetics of 2020. All of them pack phenomenal flavours, intense effects, and impressive-enough yields to keep your stash jars full until the next growing season.

Purple Queen has a lengthy flowering period of 9–11 weeks, but the weight of her yield is worth it. Indoor plants produce up to 500g/m² and grow to heights of 80–120cm. Plants grown outdoors offer a mighty harvest of 700g/plant, grow to 210cm, and will be ready to harvest during October.

Special Queen #1 by Royal Queen Seeds is an easy-to-grow Skunk hybrid feminized seed strain available at a low cost. At under $5 per seed, these are some good cheap feminized seeds. Royal Queen #1 grows well in most environments, reaching up to 10 feet tall outdoors. Indoors, the plants can be optimized for yield by using SOG or SCROG techniques. Its stinky buds produce loads of red hairs and have a sweet taste. 50/50 indica/sativa. 18% THC.

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3. Gelat.OG Feminized Seeds

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LSD is an intensely psychoactive indica-dominant hybrid bred by Barney’s Farm Seeds, made by crossing Skunk #1 and Afghan indica genetics. LSD seeds are simple to grow, and the plants adapt well to most conditions. A high yield strain both indoors and outdoors, LSD produces potent, resinous buds resistant to mildew and mold. Deep musky aroma. Powerful, trippy stone. High 25% THC.