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best cannabis seeds uk

We have had a look around and tried to find as much information about weed seed companies as we can to make some recommendations- with this being a gray area it is understandable quite worrying to think who will be holding your credit card information and address- but we have your back.

Believe it or not, you can actually purchase Cannabis Seeds in the UK quite easily. While this is very much a grey area is at the moment legal and very easy to do. The issues with Cannabis seeds is that you literally have no idea what you are purchasing, whether the seeds you are buying are the real deal or what to do with them? Afterall, to hold seeds is not illegal, but to cultivate or germinate the seeds is breaking the current laws.

Cannabis Seeds Law UK

As mentioned previously, Cannabis seeds are one of those wonderful grey areas in the weed world which makes zero sense. It is simply one of the many products which have slipped through the cracks.

To purchase hemp / cannabis seed in the UK is completely legal; it is no more illegal than poppy holding any other kind of seeds. It is however against the law to germinate and cultivate the cannabis from these seeds. Cultivation the issue here. Many companies suggest that the seeds should be held as as ornaments when the laws are changed. Great idea! They are actually a great investment as many genetics are changed or lost over the years.

In all honesty, they are a fantastic investment for when (not if, when) cannabis is legalized- if you have a load of seeds then they will be like gold-dust. Particularly some of the rare and famous strains: like Gorilla Glue, StarDawg, Tangerine Dream and the famous Wedding Cake strain.

By the way, each of the seed banks that ship to the UK that we highlighted above sell autoflowering seeds!


Kind of a weird name, no? Jack Herer is an American Cannabis activist known as the Emperor of Hemp. This strain is for the wake and bake masters. If you like to take a rip first thing in the morning, Jack Herer will get you where you need to go. It’s got a low THC content that makes it a perfect strain for those who don’t have a particularly high tolerance for the green stuff.

Popular Marijuana Strains (From Mellow to Head High)

Choosing the right marijuana seeds for your growing pleasure should be a super fun experience. It’s a great way to connect with the plant, and gives you a deeper appreciation of the work it takes to go from seed to smoke.

Oh grey areas, how we love to exploit thee. The UK has some pretty strict laws on selling, possessing, or distributing cannabis. Luckily for you, buying seeds is COMPLETELY LEGAL. This is because “the powers that be” cannot actually prove your intent. I’d like to state this plainly: THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE. Having said that, it’s PERFECTLY LEGAL to buying cannabis seeds in the UK.

Which marijuana strain you should grow depends entirely on your preference, as well as your growing experience. Some strains contain more THC, some more CBD. Some are difficult to grow but have great yields, and some are easy to grow and have smaller yields. Whatever your preferences or requirements there’s a cannabis seed out there waiting for you to plant it!


In 2021 it has suddenly become much more difficult to ship items to the UK. This has seen the market for cannabis seeds change somewhat. Some of our previous recommendations are based in Holland, they have taken the decision to no longer sell to the UK because of the additional taxes and costs to do so. Others have also moved headquarters to Spain which has meant not all stock is being held in local storage and reducing their selections.

This is important to know and can be discovered from a range of sources. Look at product reviews on the seed bank sites and other review sites. Visit forums and discussion boards and even question and answer sites such as Quora. Get as many different opinions as you can. Finally ask friends who have bought seeds and listen to their product and user experience.

There are now more strains of cannabis seed available than ever before. This is great if you decide to buy some but it is easy to get stuck when there are so many players in the UK market. To get the right guidance and the best deal, while staying on the right side of the law, it is crucial to find a good seed bank.

Best 5 Seed Banks Shipping to the UK

If you want to skip the reading this table acts as a quick reference to what I consider as the best UK seed banks:

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The law surrounding cannabis seeds in the UK is very clear: It is legal to buy and sell them but they are illegal to germinate. Germination is the process of introducing a seed to warmth, light and moisture to begin the growing process.

In the days of amazon prime and the next day delivery of so many products it has become more relevant than ever for companies to offer a competitive delivery service. In addition some seed banks also offer an extra layer of discretion with ‘stealth shipping’. This is when your seeds are packed inside another product. It is an excellent option but don’t forget that you have chosen ‘stealth’ when you can’t work out why someone has sent you a packet of pens.