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best cannabis seeds for indoor growing uk

Growing cannabis indoors has unique advantages and disadvantages. Cultivators have almost complete control over the environment, and can easily regulate light, water, and nutrients. However, space can quickly become an issue, especially when growing strains that like to reach rapidly toward the light source.

Our Northern Light strain descends from a premium cutting and features a completely pure indica genetic profile. Her bushy growth and medium size make her an ideal candidate for indoor cultivation.

Why Grow Cannabis Indoors?

Towering sativa strains have the potential to surge to heights of 300cm. Growers can limit vertical growth by planting them in small containers, but they won’t produce as good of a yield as strains specifically bred for indoor cultivation.

Growing cannabis indoors also helps weed lovers keep their herbal interest to themselves. Indoor grow tents with carbon filters will eliminate the stink and dramatically reduce the chances of facing any penalties.


Love this strain and producer. Throughout he grows this was the strain I enjoyed the most. If you put into 3 gal smart pots it will produce a good amount of buds. I will be ordering more as I have 1 seed left. Not a heavy feeder and it will take an extra week or so to really bring out the colours.

Finally, you will need your cannabis seeds and this is where Discount Cannabis Seeds will save you money and give you quality weed seeds perfect for your home grow.

Energic attack and surrounding flavour, we notice a thick and velvet sweetness that will last long. EFFECT: Strong and fast euphoric sensation, clear for a predominant Indica. Long lasting, the desired effect of the Indica growers.

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Reviews of Blue Cheese.

Critical is a perfectly balanced hybrid with all the necessary properties of ideal marijuana: high yield, good taste, easy to grow, short flowering period. This variety will undoubtedly meet all your expectations.

Like the smell she has that spiciness to her. But a strong stench of cheese. I recognize it straight away as it is a quite common flavour. Especially the blue 😉

The smoke offers a pungent, sweet smells. The effect is a quite strong and psychoactive due high THC content. It brings a euphoria and a body relaxation. Northern Lights is a good remedy against a pain, sleeplessness and stress.

Strongly recommended for hash making, due to the great flavour profile!

Do you want to limit the risk of a failed harvest, and do you think the production of a normal autoflower is too low? We have some good news. Our Big White Widow auto can grow up to 180 cm high. Besides, they produce high yields and aren’t dependent on the transition between summer and autumn to bloom. Moreover, the Big WW is a very strong and reliable strain, suitable for outdoor cultivation in the UK climate.

Before we share our top 5, it’s important to understand the climate of the UK when it comes to growing cannabis outdoors. In this way you understand the growing conditions better, and you start your breeding well-prepared.

Critical autoflowering is one of our fastest flowering autoflowers and produces a high quality weed production. With its strong genetic background (50% Indica, 30% Sativa and 20% ruderalis genes), Critical is a very strong autoflower that will develop well in harsh conditions. In short: suitable for the UK climate.

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5. Critical autoflower

Although the climate in the different regions of the UK is not very different, it’s important to realize that the climate in the UK is not the same everywhere. However, in general, you can say that the UK climate is characterized by cold and wet winters with relatively cool summers. That are precisely the greatest negative factors for the growth of a cannabis plant. Both cold weather and frost can have an adverse effect on the harvest. The UK climate is therefore not ideal for outdoor growing. Nevertheless, it’s possible to realize a qualitative outdoor cultivation in the UK. Especially if you choose the right outdoor cannabis strain.

Our Sexxpot feminized cannabis seeds are a big hit in the USA, but also gain popularity in the UK. That isn’t strange at all. Sexxpot is a strong strain that can take a beating.

Curious to the best outdoor weed strains for the UK? Buy a pack of the presented cannabis seeds below to make sure your grow in the UK will be a success!

The Northern Lights autoflower is probably one of the most robust species in our range. Instead of flowering during the transition from summer to autumn, it flowers based on age. Because this species is strong and also less dependent on the weather, this species is suitable for outdoor growing in the UK.