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best autoflower seed bank

MSNL comes in second with 29 different strains of autos, while ILGM has only 11 auto to choose from.

However, a particular mention again goes to ILGM who have use awesome video reviews and show someone actually tasting it.

Obviously, the seeds have to be high quality too.

4. Price

No worries, here are the best 5 autoflower seed banks ranked 1-3

I’d also highly recommend that you read my best seed banks to order from guide, where I explain the best seeds banks to order from period (not just for autos)

ILGM impressed me the most with the sheer number of reviews that they have for each strain ( usually over 100! ) and the rest of the bunch have more than enough to help you make your decision!

In this article, I’ll look at what makes a good Auto-flower seed bank and recommend some of the best seed banks for autos.

SMALL plant; BIG yields!

Delicious Seeds produce these new-gen autoflowering seeds. The breeder crossbred Diavolo marijuana strain with the AK-47 cannabis strain to produce this fast-flowering strain.


Many people recognize Gorilla Glue as the strongest weed of all time! Gorilla Glue strain holds nearly 28% THC content in its sticky buds. Moreover, it won the Cannabis Cup and the Jamaican World Cup for its potency.

Rich with skunky, citrus, and spicy tang flavors, smoking it will produce long-lasting body buzz. If you have insomnia, Chemdog Auto is your best bet to relieve the ailment. This classic strain is one of the best blends of fast flowering and high potency weed, making it a highly demanded strain among beginners and experts.

You can grow this Indica-dominant plant indoors and outdoors and get really impressive yields. The strain holds around 15-20% THC content and 0-1% CBD content, making it a dual-purpose strain for recreational as well as medical users.


Every product listing contains a review at the bottom of the page and, with each purchase, you’ll be receiving some free seeds along with loyalty points for buying. And, when you’re buying and paying with bitcoin, you’ll also be getting 15 percent off. If that isn’t enough, you’ll also receive 25 percent more off for your first time paying with bitcoin! There’s only one downside and that is rather pricey delivery add-on charges, like the delivery insurance fee ($9.04) and the delivery charge ($8.98). At this point, let me give you the basic pros and cons of Seedsman:


5. Quebec Cannabis Seeds (QCS) – Fastest Shipping



While we’re on the subject of shipping, don’t request expedited delivery or any delivery requiring a signature. Why? Well, you don’t want to intentionally draw attention to the package or have to sign for a cannabis seeds delivery. That’s a bit of a no-brainer. Also, when ordering in large amounts, multiple smaller orders from a variety of vendors will spread your risk along the lines of that old saying “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket”.

Another consideration is the payment option you choose and how it’ll be charged. If your goal is to stay way under the radar, you might find that bitcoin is the most encrypted currency form plus it’s virtually untraceable. Numerous top cannabis seed banks are actually offering a discount if you’re paying in bitcoin. Alternatively, you can pay via credit card since credit card purchases are insured and better protected in case something goes awry.