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best auto seeds

The autoflowering version is often hardier and less sensitive to climate changes or pests and diseases. Basically, auto seeds require much less maintenance and supervision than regular weed seeds, but they’re usually more expensive as a result.

Still, this is an excellent option for beginners, as it’s a very high-yield strain . Even if you have a black thumb, you should be able to get something to smoke out of these seeds.

Keep in mind that Sour Diesel Auto can also be relatively difficult to grow, at least compared to many of the auto strains on this list. It’s sensitive to mildew and needs powerful lights to grow to its full potential, so make sure you’re a little more prepared for this one.

How are autoflowering seeds different from regular seeds?

Whichever seed bank you get them from, auto seeds give you all the benefits of growing your own marijuana with less of the stress. I hope you enjoyed this guide to the best autoflowering seeds in 2021!

As you might expect, given the name, this autoflower plant has an extremely skunky aroma, which many people find off-putting. Despite the smell, though, it has a light, fruity taste.

Their compact size can work against you as well. While they require less space to grow, you’ll get less of a yield than you would from a regular strain. You may be able to make up for it by harvesting more often, though.

Typically, to get regular seeds to bloom you need to alter their light schedule at a certain time. This requires keeping tabs on where the plants are in their life cycle, as well as having the gear necessary to trigger the flowering process.

ILGM impressed me the most with the sheer number of reviews that they have for each strain ( usually over 100! ) and the rest of the bunch have more than enough to help you make your decision!

Every seedbank I looked at provides the information you need about each of the strains available.

Short on time or can’t be bothered reading through my long winded comparison?

1. Auto Strain Selection

Ready? Cool. Let’s get started…

Most seed banks also offer a loyalty program too, so buying from the same place each time will save you money.

Who wouldn’t want faster bud?

Ok, with these 4 criteria laid out, let’s see how the top seedbanks compare for auto seeds.

You can grow this plant between May to October, and it will take 60-65 days to blossom. It is a fast-flowering strain that can be grown indoor, outdoor, and in a greenhouse set up.

The plant will produce dense crystalline buds with hairs all over the plant. The flowering time of this strain is 8 weeks. Furthermore, even beginners can grow this strain easily. Plus, you can get 150g of buds outdoors and 250g of buds indoors.

Along with that, you will enjoy its musky, fruity and cheesy flavors. Upon smoking, it renders a classic body stone that can catch your sensory for a long time. Moreover, high CBD levels make this a valuable strain for medical marijuana patients.


A burst of flavors with maximum yields!

Blueberry is an easy-to-grow plant that thrives indoors as well as outdoors. The height of the plant will be short, around 32 inches , and you will get a good amount of buds. As it contains Ruderalis genetics, flowers will be ready to be harvested in only 8 weeks.

Upon smoking this strain, these potent Glue buds can help you relax after an exhausting day. Along with that, this heavy-hitter can also produce sedative effects, making you feel calm and worry-free.

This strain holds high levels of CBD content and an average amount of THC concentration. This trait, along with bubblegum flavor, makes it one of the popular medical marijuana among patients. Upon smoking, your palate will be filled with earthy and floral notes.