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auto feminized seeds for sale

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are seeds that automatically shift from vegetative growth to flowering stages with age rather than the systematic ratio of light exposure. Most ‘autos’ will be ready to harvest in less than 10 weeks from seed.

An Autoflower does not rely on the same amount of light to reach flowering. This means that you can stagger your outdoor grows to harvest multiple times a year.

Additionally, the smaller size of the plants suits a grower who has limited toom. And they’re easier to look after. An Autoflower cannabis plant hardly grows over four foot tall, which makes the harvesters job of caring, trimming and training an easier task throughout each stage of the grow cycle.

Autoflower cannabis seeds are a Seedsman speciality. In fact, we were the first seed bank in the world to sell Autoflower cannabis seeds.

Autoflowers are also perfect for beginner growers due to their less demanding harvest cycle. Regular strains need constant monitoring and adjusting of the lighting to ensure the plants get their full 12 hours. If you get this wrong, it can lead a plant going back to a vegetative phase which means a ruined plant. Autoflowers mean no worrying about constant lighting. Plus, they grow faster, for those of us who are impatient!

Whether you are growing for recreational or medical purposes, the most usable part of the plant for human consumption are the female flowers. Male Flowers also produce buds, but these are much smaller and contain less of the cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. By purchasing quality auto-flower marijuana seeds, you can guarantee that you will get a nice early start on flower development, even if you are a novice at regulating lighting cycles. Guaranteed auto seeds that are from a reputable seed bank can make all the difference when you are a new grower that already has a seed of doubt in your mind about the entire process. With regular photoperiod-dependent seeds, you can more easily stress your plants into developing male characteristics if you do not keep the lighting schedule 100% consistent.

DO – Think about harvest time. This will sneak up on you fast, so be prepared to harvest within 3 months of planting. You will want a drying room set up so you can get your product ready to smoke as soon as possible and avoid any post-grow contamination such as bugs or mold.

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Auto Critical Jack Fem

Mild THC levels offer a lighter high for daytime use, although you will still notice the effects both mentally and physically.

Don’t prune your auto fem plants a great deal, except for removing small lower branches where the buds won’t receive enough light to develop properly. The other reason to remove foliage would be to create better air circulation and visibility, so that you can keep track of any pests that may be interested in your autoflowering buds – pests like aphids, spider mites, or mealybugs.

The Cannabis Ruderalis that helped to define the modern world of autoflowering seeds was native to some places in the Northern hemisphere such as Siberia and the Indian Himalayas. Autoflowering plants are intrinsically good at surviving in harsh climates because these sturdy plants had to grow, flower, and seed in a very short summer season before the harsh northern winters began.

Experience intense relaxation and calm while luxuriating in the sweet vanilla scent.

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Buy Auto-Flowering Seeds UK. Auto-Flowering seeds are hybrid strains. Specially bred to automatically switch from the vegetative stage into the flowering stage regardless of the light/dark period. Most Auto-Flowers are ready to be harvested in less that 10 weeks from seed, providing a fast and low maintenance plant, perfect for beginners.

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