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auto fem cannabis seeds

What about potency? Here on the Dutch circuit the autoflowering weed has been warmly received. The weed itself is good and strong, even the professional Dutch growers are growing autofems. Perhaps it isn’t yet on the same extreme potency levels as some of the traditionally grown varieties but that should not deter you. After all, not everyone is interested in growing weed that is so devastating that you are wiped out for the whole day after a single smoke. Weed from autoflowering varieties has great potency and will not disappoint.

Autofem seeds have quickly become best sellers at Dutch Passion with our AutoMazar and AutoBlueberry proving particularly popular. But autofem seeds also prompt a lot of questions from our customers at cannabis expo’s and via e-mail. So exactly why do people buy autofem seeds and is the weed they produce any good?

1. Early harvesters. A lot of interest in autofem seeds comes from growers that are keen to get some seeds planted either outdoors or in a greenhouse in May/June and harvest their bud by August. This allows people to grow plenty of stash before they go on their summer holidays.

One of the hot topics in the cannabis community these days is the subject of autoflowering ganja. As many of you may already be aware, autoflowering seeds grow from seed to finished bud in around 70 days. The seeds perform this automatic growth cycle irrespective of whether they are growing indoors, in a greenhouse or outdoors. Unlike normal ganja which flowers when the daylight hours reduce (either indoors or outdoors as autumn approaches), autofem seeds flower automatically based on their age. Here at Dutch Passion we sell feminised autoflowering varieties which we call Autofem seeds. This year we have been overwhelmed with demand for them. Autoflowering/autofem varieties are a relatively new innovation and you can read more about them here.

First of all we should say that Autofem seeds have come a long way since they were first introduced. Some of the early pioneers of the auto seeds did have problems with hermie tendencies, limited potency and inconsistent growth. The good news is that any early problems with autoflowering seeds have been resolved and the quality seedbanks now have a good understanding of how the seeds work and how to produce stable results.

Due to their genetic composition, Autoflowering plants are usually smaller than other regular seed cannabis plants. When you compare an Autoflower grow to photoperiod feminised cannabis plants, they’re better at surviving pests and mould.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are seeds that automatically shift from vegetative growth to flowering stages with age rather than the systematic ratio of light exposure. Most ‘autos’ will be ready to harvest in less than 10 weeks from seed.

Additionally, the smaller size of the plants suits a grower who has limited toom. And they’re easier to look after. An Autoflower cannabis plant hardly grows over four foot tall, which makes the harvesters job of caring, trimming and training an easier task throughout each stage of the grow cycle.

Autoflower cannabis seeds are a Seedsman speciality. In fact, we were the first seed bank in the world to sell Autoflower cannabis seeds.

An Autoflower does not rely on the same amount of light to reach flowering. This means that you can stagger your outdoor grows to harvest multiple times a year.

What’s the difference between autoflower and regular cannabis seeds?

Autoflower seeds begin to flower according to their age. “Regular” seeds flower in response to a change in the life cycle, i.e. when your plants are developed enough to flower, you would switch the light cycle from 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness (18-6) to 12 hours of light and twelve hours of darkness (12-12). Autoflowering strains are “easier” in the sense that you don’t have to switch the light cycle, they just start flowering when they’re ready.

The marriage of taste and potency is one of the most intriging aspects of Cotton Candy Kush. A moderately high THC strain (15-18%), Cotton Candy Kush kicks in with a strong head high after a few puffs and soon migrates through your entire being for a heavy body buzz. Taste is spicy and sweet, and you can expect to get 400-500 Grams per square meter of grow space. Cotton Candy Kush – sweet.

Lemon Thai Kush

This particular cultivar will go from seed to bud in about 65 days. This dwarf strain is a great choice for growers who’d like to keep a low profile grow without sacrificing yield (30-45 grams per plant). Users report a blueberry flavored taste and smell.

Autoflower seeds will grow plants that produce flowers (buds) when it’s old enough; there is no changing of the light cycle to initiate flowering the way you do with regular seeds. Expect a higher price point for these cannabis seeds compared to “regular” seeds.

When you buy feminized seeds you can be confident that nearly 100% of your plants will be female. If this is important to you then yes, feminized seeds are worth the cost.

“Regular” seeds are non-feminized and non-autoflowering. You should expect half of your plants from these seeds to be male and dispose of them before they can pollinate your females. Pollinated females produce lower quality buds that are full of seeds. Regular seeds require a change in the light cycle to begin producing flowers. Through vegetation, cannabis plants are typically exposed to daily cycle of 18 hours of light followed by 6 hours of darkness (18-6). When developed enough to enter flowering, the grower will switch the light cycle to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness (12-12) until harvest time.