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are cannabis seeds legal in ireland

Different points of interest apply for breeding in Ireland. Do you want to prevent problems? Then check the most important points of attention below.

Although no marijuana species is invincible, growers should be well informed about the type of seed so that they choose a species that is suitable for the climate of Ireland. However, the climate is not the only thing that you have to take into account. Also the law is important.

The law

Due to the limited sunlight, you need a variety without too much shadowing so an indica species is an obvious choice. This species originated in cold and mountainous climates and is therefore also suitable for the climate of Ireland. The broad leaves ensure that the light is well captured and the layer formation acts as insulation.

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Although the terpene compounds of the cannabis plant work as an antifungal, this is not indefinite. The climate of Ireland must be taken seriously in order to reduce the risk of mold and top rot. We therefore advise you to grow your plants in pots with holes at the bottom. In this way the excess water can easily drain away. In addition, you can easily move the plant indoors when the weather gets really bad. Finally, you will have to check your plants regularly for signs of water stress and top rot. You can also reduce the chance of mold by growing in a greenhouse.

Possessing cannabis is illegal in Ireland, under the Misuse of Drugs Acts (1977-2016). Distinctions are made between possession for personal use and possession with intent to supply; and the punishments reflect this.

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Cannabis laws in Ireland

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Cannabis will be treated like the dangerous drugs alcohol and tobacco yet consumers of both these toxic drugs are free to drink and brew alcohol or grow and smoke as much tobacco as they freely choose, whereas the cannabis consumer has strict rules about number of plants according to medical or recreational and number of grams per week.

However, this hasn’t stopped some Irish people from attempting to grow it, and figures suggest that incidences of homegrown cannabis are on the rise. One operation alone saw police raid 60 major cannabis-producing factories. They seized plants with a total street value exceeding €6million.

So, weed is accessible to get a hold of in Ireland. This suggests that the Irish administration should manage the trade to defend its civilians and tax it to expand its budget.

Now, most nations are taking steps towards cannabis legalization because the experience of many North American states has shown that marijuana legalization can be beneficial for local budgets. The excess income could help any country, including Ireland.

Moreover, Irish laws do not ban the production, distribution, and sale of cannabidiol (CBD) . The government knows that CBD does not generate psychoactive effects. That is why they support the sale of CBD products that have THC concentrations less than 0.2 percent.

Cannabis Culture in Ireland

For a nation like Ireland that already got a way to be enticing to medically oriented pharmacies, the outcome of legalization might be way more effective when looking at marketing models than individual health or rights concerns.

Although there is still some resentment towards weed use in Ireland, it appears that attitudes are evolving rapidly. Many people have identified the benefits of medical marijuana, while a few speaking out against it.

Neligan put forward a strong case to the government, saying that Ireland shouldn’t be carried back by “ relying on outdated policies born out of ignorance and social conservatism.

In June 2019, the Ireland Minister of Health signed off on a program to promote access to medical marijuana products for five years. This is an essential first piece of marijuana legislation, but will Ireland authorize cannabis for good? Read on to find out.