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We provide a law-abiding service informing people about the characteristics of a range of high-grade marijuana types and provide links to purchase of AMS XTRM feminized seeds and other cannabis seeds to anyone legally allowed to purchase cannabis seeds.

AMS XTRM can also be used medically and has been found to be helpful for anxiety and ADHD.

Be patient, however. It’s just in the last three weeks of flowering that the resin will cover the buds, so wait for that. AMS XTRM feminized is best harvested in the early autumn.

10 AMS XTRM feminized seeds $162 (approx. €120 or £103)

Legal Disclaimer: Buying and selling AMS XTRM feminized seeds from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is legal in most countries with some restrictions.

As for smoking (or however you take it), AMS XTRM feminized is a real pleasure – a sweet, buttery aroma with a fresh and spicy taste. AMS XTRM doesn’t make you sleepy or lethargic. As such, it’s great for socializing and is a good daytime smoke, stimulating your creativity with its potent THC content.

AMS XTRM feminized seeds are also very stable to grow, so you shouldn’t have any hassle with it.

Bank transfer transactions and Credit/Debit cards are the least discreet, as the transaction will post to your card.

Plus, AMS does guarantee their products, so if an issue occurs, we would advise you to get in touch with AMS as fast as possible to allow them an opportunity to work with you to find a resolution.

A bank transfer usually takes up to three or four business days to receive, depending on the nation the transfer is issued from.

Payment Methods Accepted by Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

According to numerous online forums, the seed quality at AMS is reliable and provides large yields. If you got a backyard or a grow room, a healthy plant is guaranteed with AMS.

AMS online seed bank aims to serve both large-scale growers and home growers equally. This means that they have something for just about everyone.

The cannabis seeds in this category give premium yields, yes, but they are nowhere close to being high priced. Besides, cannabis seeds in this variety are stellar-quality hybrids.

Overall, most of the customers report being highly satisfied with their seeds and overall purchase.

We’ve got 120 strains of marijuana seeds with the best flavors at AMS. Enjoy classics like Rainbow Kush, White Widow, and Bonfire Feminized.

You don’t have to be an expert to get the full potential out of your strain. You can have a successful yield by following the steps you’ll find in our Grow Guide. Did you have problems with growing and cultivating seeds in the past? You’ll probably find the answer to your problem there as well. Check it out.

AMS ships worldwide in crushproof sealed envelopes with no indication of what the content might be. Depending on where you live, you will receive your order in 14 – 21 working days. When you place an order at AMS, it’s secure, anonymous, and safe. We have easy ordering procedures, order tracking and, above all, friendly customer service. We are always happy to help you!

Our strains can grow indoors and outdoors

Our feminized strains boast one of the highest germination rates in the industry! These quality strains seeds will provide strong plants with heavy yields and amazing genetics. All these seeds are feminized, meaning they will only grow female plants, which is what you need to get THC.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds offers free shipping on all orders worldwide!

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds has been selling the best quality seeds for 25 years!

The best products for growing your own cannabis – where could you possibly find them other than at an award-winning seed bank from Amsterdam? Order them at AMS. We offer high-quality products at affordable prices. All strains are selected and developed by our Dutch top breeders. We do not settle for anything but the best.