The Santa Clara Valley Health and Hospital System launched this campaign to encourage teens to stay away marijuana in order to improve their opportunities as adults. Weed is Dumb calls attention to the effects that too much weed use can have on a teen’s brain development and the impact it can have on their future potential.

With recent weed legalization efforts in the United States, it is important that teens fully understand that legalization does not mean the drug is safe to use.

The latest study on weed use shows that adults who reported heavy weed use during their teen years not only had lower IQ scores, but were also highly likely to have dropped out of high school and report diminished life satisfaction and achievements.

Weed is Dumb ads will appear on buses, in movie theaters, and online throughout the greater Santa Clara Valley area.

Now is the time for teens to get informed in order to make the best choices for their futures. Acting now will give teens the information they need to make decisions that can affect the rest of their lives. We encourage parents to also get informed so they can talk to their teens about drug use and help ensure they lead healthy and happy adult lives.

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